Driver door doesn't lock/unlock with key fob

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Aug 24, 2019
New Jersey
I'm at the point where I fix one thing with my GX then another goes wrong. That in mind I still love it. The most recent thing is that when I hit the lock/unlock buttons of my key fob, all doors lock/unlock except for the driver door. It still locks/unlocks with the key, just not with the remote button. I replaced the key battery about a week ago and it worked for a few days, but now back to it not working. Also I've noticed that normal lock 'beep', isn't there anymore.
My 2006 had just started doing this, it's only happened a few times in the last month or two but I'm assuming it'll get worse till I have to fix something
As of today the driver door only locks manually. Yesterday it would lock/unlock when going from nuetral to drive and vice versa. Could this be bad lock actuator?
A bad lock actuator would be my guess. I haven't experienced the issue with my GX yet, but I have in other vehicles.

I had a Nissan that had this issue, and the temperature of the lock mechanism would dictate if it would work or not - it worked in the mornings when it was cool, but not in the afternoons when it had sun beating on it all day.

In another vehicle it came down to whether or not the vehicle was running - no issues when it was running as the lock mechanism received full voltage, but when the vehicle was off the voltage sag of all the doors unlocking simultaneously was enough to keep the lock mechanism from locking/unlocking fully.

All of that is anecdotal and not necessarily relevant here, but if you start seeing a pattern of when it works and when it doesn't, that may help inform you what the problem could be.
Your best case scenario is the harness somehow came unplugged on the actuator. Worst case scenario (which is 99% the case) your actuator motor is toast.

You can buy a new actuator online but they are costly. Even the ebay versions are expensive. If you dig deep enough there are a few threads on how to open up the actuator housing and simply replace the little motor in there. I went through all my options and just decided to bite the bullet and get a new actuator assembly on one of my 100's (very common on the 100 series to have the actuator motors burn out)

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