Drilling under console

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Jan 25, 2008
Opelika, AL
When you remove the front console there is a single bolt that attaches the front most part of the console to the body. About 1" to the right of the location where the bolt goes into the body is a place where I need to drill a hole. Is there anything that I could hit under this like the transmission or wires? I'm only going to stick through about 1/2" or less. Anybody have a suggestion on how to check this?
No I don't have a pic. Yes it is the console that covers the transmission. The hole is for holding down the front of the console. It is the single lone bolt that is in the middle of the rectangle drink holder. I'm looking at a spot about 1" to the right of where that hole is. There is already a predrilled hole to the left.
I'm pretty sure there's nothing under there except for the transmission. Well atleast I should be able to put a small screw with no problems. I wanted to check first and see if there was something that I should know. Thanks.

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