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Sep 12, 2008
behind enemy lines FEMA sector IV
Hi guys,

Am house hunting and found a place I like. Unfortunately it has PolyB pipe with copper fittings, but has a basement with a drop ceiling to get at it.
I have been researching, watching youtube and want to go with PEX, Viega system, not cheap, but....
My key question, is how to run the pipe up to the second floor with minimal drywall tearout?
Are there any tricks, etc?


Turd Herder
Apr 24, 2010
Eagleville, TN
If you go with the PEX, you should be able to almost fish it. If your think the upstairs is pretty much a straight run up one wall, just open up the second floor and cut it loose and put you a fish line on it and then pull it out thru the basement. Then use your fish line to pull the new feed upstairs. PEX is a great product and can be pulled and fished like wire.

If the vertical run has some branch runs thend I would locate the splits and cut that part out so you can fish it up, then you can cut your branches back in. At most one hole on each floor to get the main feed up.

One other thing to keep in mind is that most likely the PEX has a smaller ID then the existing, so you might look at bumping it up a size to make sure you keep the same cross-sectional area. If we replace 3/4" service lines we generally use 1" because it has about the same ID as the old 3/4.

As far as getting to the fixtures and such not much way to route that with out opening up the walls and probably 1st floor ceilings. Good possibility that the second story plumbing is in the ceiling of the first floor so if you are replacing everything then some ceiling repairs are gonna be needed to get into the walls above.

Note: all that is based on this being a basement: 1st floor: 2nd floor construction, if it is just a basement and upstairs you could probably fish most of it up to the fixtures above with minimal cutting.

Good luck

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