door latch adjustment

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Jan 19, 2005
South west utah
My door has to be slammed in order to shut tight. On other Toyota's all I had to do was loosen the bolts on the striker and adjust accordingly. I tried this on my 91 and couldn't get any play out of the striker. I did a search and found a few other threads discussing the issue. Someone had posted a picture of the service manual showing adjustment on the striker using a hammer. Is this correct, do I just need to smack the striker to try and get an adjustment or am I missing something here?
Door still not latching completely
How's the top hinge?
On my FJ62 and my FJ80 the top hinges on the driver's sides got sloppy and allowed the doors to sag a little when open. This made it hard to close them. On both rigs, you could see the door rise up as it hit the striker.
If the hinges are good and the door is properly aligned, smack it like shown in the manual.
I was able to buy a new upper hinge for the 80. I got a good used hinge for the 62.
Thanks I will check the hinges tomorrow.
My hinges looked to be in great condition and tight. I could not get the striker to move at all by hand but a few smacks with the hammer and it lined right up.
Proving the old adage once again. If you can't fix it with a hammer, you got an electrical problem.

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