$#@^&%$#* Dogs chewed up my 4Runner (1 Viewer)

Mar 23, 2015
north Mississippi
We have 2 Lab males and a feist female, all former strays, all fixed, that hang around the house. They think that they are people and generally get treated like it too.

Yesterday I came home from a ride in the LC with my daughter and my wife says "I came outside and the dogs were going crazy around your 4Runner." Crazy, allright. What the hell gets into these beasts??? They chewed the splash guards out from under the front of the truck, chewed on (but not through) the lower radiator hose, chewed off a drain hose from somewhere in the cabin, and chewed right through the boot covering one of the struts! In addition one of the Labs was apparently jumping up and pawing trying to open the hood, and now there are deep scratches on both front fenders! What the hell!!! I could kill them. I could shoot them. I wish I could launch them right to the moon. Only if I did any of that, my daughters would never speak to me again!

This is going to cost hundreds to fix! And how do I know they won't do it again! They don't ordinarily do things like this, I guess they thought they saw a squirrel or something run under the truck, and they had to get it. Lord knows they kill every possum, armadillo, mole, and beaver they see around here. I wasn't gone long, they did a lot of damage in a very short time. This just kills me. I would love to see them dogs sailing over the horizon into the sunset. Things are gonna be tense between me and the dogs for a while. Sheesh.

Thanks for reading. Sometimes a guy just has to holler.


Turd Herder
Apr 24, 2010
Eagleville, TN
Cat got under the hood I bet! Or another rodent they wanted really REALLY bad.

Sucks man, but I bet that's what happened.
Jul 30, 2003
Madison, MS
I picture a big cat sitting on your roof looking down at your dogs and thinking...

You stupid dogs can loose your minds and destroy this 4R. I'm not getting down until the boss puts you in the house!

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