Does anybody have some good tips for a long term vehicle storage?

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May 4, 2011
Virginia Beach
Im getting deployed to cuba next month and plan on putting my truck in a 10X20 storage unit for about 10-11 months, I know about the battery, tires going flat, what should i expect when i get back?:meh:
You might think about putting the truck on jack stands so the tires arent potentially messed up. The best thing would be to find someone you trust to drive it to keep everything working properly.
run stabil thru it, then drain the fuel, put battery on a trickle charger a month or so before start up, put it up on jack stands to keep tires from flat spotting and, ideally, at start up, preprime the oil
Put it on jackstands or something more stable, fuel stabilizer, and I'd pull the battery and leave with someone. It may not make the stow. If you can't get someone to charge it every few months, I'd just buy a new one on return home.

Sucks, but thanks man.
whats it mean to preprime the oil? i was told to fill the gas completely full then put the stabile in it and it should be good, just not to leave alot of air in the tank, so what if i bought a brand new battery before i took off and just left it in the unit, will that hold a charge? im sure i can find 4 jack stands for cheap, thanks for the info
Prepriming the oil would be to get the oil pump primed and pumping oil throughout the engine prior to attempting to crank it. Rolling it over dry wouldn't be healthy for any moving parts without lubrication. I don't know exactly how this would be accomplished.

I always top off my vehicles if I know I'm not gonna drive them for a few weeks for whatever reason. A less than full tank will sweat with temperature changes just like a cold beverage and get water in your gas. I'd put the fuel stabilizer in during the last few gallons of the last fill up before parking it. Also, throw a few bottles of HEET on the floorboard before you leave it so you'll have it when you get back. When you get back, pour these in the tank before you do anything else. This is basically methanol and will absorb any condensation that has acculumalated in the meantime. Doing this first will let it work on the water while you work on the battery and what else. 4 cinderblocks with 2x8 strips as pads may be cheaper than 4 good jackstands. remember to slide the outside/inside air to inside, too.
for 10 or 11 months I wouldn't be too worried about a bunch of things.
Yep remove the battery leads... other than that if it were fired up every couple months for a half hour say I would think all would be fine.
I store my mustang and FJ40 about 6 months out of the year every winter. Basically I change the oil beforehand and park them. I don't disconnect anything, I don't put oil in the cylinders, I just part them. Every spring they fire right up no problem. My old 89 is used only for plowing my driveway and often sits for 7-8 months. It fires right up too and I haven't even changed the oil in it for 3-4 years.

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