Do our cruisers care about wheel vs tire weight?

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Jan 20, 2008
Guys, humor me here! Let’s state the obvious like so many threads before this one have already done. I think I need to hear 1 more time before I drop $2.5k on wheels / tires

I’m looking at swapping out my current setup for new wheels & tires.

A rep from method said that the weight of the wheel is not as important as the weight of the tire.

I was like - 🤔 (didn’t sound exactly right but what do I know)

So what’s the story? Is it overall wheel & tire weight combined? Is the tire weight (and diameter for that matter) a bigger concern vs wheel weight?

Typically, when one moves up in wheel diameter - the heavier the wheel becomes.

2 scenarios for you guys:

Scenario 1
If I run a 20lb 16” wheel with a 69lb 315/75r16 (34.5”) tire is there going to be any “seat of the pants” difference compared to running a 32lb 18” wheel with a 69lb 295/70r18 (34.5”) tire??? So same height but different wheel weights.

Pretty sure I know the answer to this as I swapped over to steel wheels on a previous build and it was quite obvious

Set 1 89lbs, Set 2 101lbs. My guess is yes, you will feel all 12lbs of the heavier wheel on set 2

Scenario 2
if you run a 33” wheel / tire combination that weighs the same as a 34.5” wheel / tire combo ... would the difference be significantly noticeable??? So same weight but different diameter.

I feel like I have a pretty solid grasp on the obvious weight / diameter issues with the consequences of putting oversized tires on cruisers but before I spend the money I was hoping to hear some feedback. I get the whole offset, hub bore, lug centric, hub centric, Slee spacer concepts - basically I think the rep just confused me.

Feel free to roast me. Thanks in advance.
I'm not a wheel tire expert but - the weight of the heavier tire is at the outside of the spinning mass. This makes it more like a heavy flywheel. You will feel it in accelerating and stopping.

For the same total weight different diameter this is where you will feel the difference.

The springs and shocks have to deal with the weight in either scenario.

In a nutshell for the same total weight you want the weight in the center meaning the wheel.

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