Dizzy Timing Moves All Over

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Nov 20, 2011
Anyone have any problems with the dizzy hold down mount that SOR sells.
We replaced ours that was well worn and rusty on our non US dizzy and now when we go to tighten the 10mm bolt when setting the timing the timing move to advance 5-10 degrees.
So we have to kind of guess where to set the timing so it will end on the 7 deg. mark when tightening the bolt.
That works but now if we touch the dizzy body anytime the timing moves from 7 degrees to whatever then back??? Very touchy.
Dizzy's shaft has no movement, new points, cap, rotor.
Is there a correct clamp for a non US model dizzy as we thought this was?

Today we took another look at out new dizzy clamp. We could only feel the difference in the body of the dizzy so we took a cell picture. Wow that just does not look right.
Sorry the picture is a bit blurry but if you look close you can see where the o ring area is. Runs great but we are removing for a better look at the clamp and install settings.

IMG_20141231_124852 copy.jpg

IMG_20141231_123102 copy.jpg
The distributor does not look seated in the oil pump. Do you have oil pressure?
My brother and cousin who were working on it today said they did a comparison to the old 2F none working 1980 electronic dizzy that came with the rig when we bought it.
He said the shaft and gear heights are the same, its just the o ring is higher up the shaft body on the non US dizzy compared to the electronic dizzy that is little over half way up.
Said set it up and installed and runs full oil pressure and holds a timing. I guess we never noticed it before until now. I asked if they lubed the o ring to help it into the hold and they did so its not hanging up on the o ring. He said they installed the new clamp on the dizzy body before inserting it into the hole and still give that appearance of not seated????
It works, but still a bit on the uncomfortable side when looking at it. Said it still move when tightening it down so still have to retard it one BB and tighten and this will walk it into line up with the pointer at 7 deg???

Found this from someone who also had the same question, kind of answers this just we have a different clamp.
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Still nervous-
65SWB45 posted the above on pirate4x4 can you confirm that ours is a norm look from the pictures for the non US dizzy when installed on a 2F block or even a 1F. We have been watching the dizzy since this first posting and it still makes us nervous when out hunting.
Anyone have a photo of your install compared to ours and maybe a better hold down clamp for the non US dizzy. I see the old two hole mount clamp in the picture of 65SWB45 has a dome appearance to it. We were kicking the idea around if we took an older clamp which would be better than the one installed now, as only one of the two rings are actually holding the dizzy in place on ours.
We were kicking the idea around if we took an older clamp in good condition being as it is taller when mounted and very slightly machined a ring around the neck of the dizzy just enough to accommodate the top part of the clamps ring and to keep it from slipping after timing so if the dizzy clamp did start to loosen it would have to be enough to get past the machined groove so not to pop up any from the 2F dizzy mount hole.
Anyone have a good old style type hold down clamp you would sell?
Any thoughts or ideas are welcome.

Picture from 65SWB45 post

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