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Jan 3, 2008
I just installed a new distributor o-ring on my LX450 since I am also doing the valve cover gasket and a few other things. Unfortunately, I pulled the distributor off before turning the crank to TDC and before noting the direction of the rotor. I did mark the position of the adjusting bolt prior to pulling it off however.

So, I followed the FSM procedure of turning crank to TDC with cam dots lined up (single dot on inside and two dots on outside, all lined up) then installing distributor with gear markings lined up. That is where my question comes in. Are the distributor gear markings supposed to be lined up prior to pushing it all the way in or after it is pushed all the way in? When I make it so that the markings line up after it is pushed in, the rotor is turned slightly left of the #1 contact on the distributor cap. Should the rotor be right on the #1 contact at this point? I don't have a timing gun (yet) so I'm hoping I can figure this out without it until I can get a hold of one.

After searching through the mud posts, I seem to have found conflicting info regarding this. Some say rotor pointing right at #1 and one indicated that it is left of #1. So, which is it?

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