Disc brake conversion

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Feb 15, 2020
wa state
Saw last weeks episode of carfix on motor trend did a full disc conversion anyone know what parts will work on a '64? Thanks in advance. Looking for power booster to fit on the three hole firewall. I have the 3 hole to 4 hole adapter was wondering if that would work.
You will need a later front axle. The '64 had a ball and claw type axle and to my knowledge there is no direct end swap for that. With a standard birfield axle, you can use mini truck ends to mount disc brakes. You can also use a '76 or later axle with disc brakes. Both will be a direct fit.

For the firewall, I had to cut the firewall support and drill 4 new holes where I wanted the booster to be. The three to four hole adapter will not work with a booster, only an upgraded master cylinder.
Thanks for the info looks like I have some shopping to do!

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