Different center cap treatment...

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May 30, 2005
I went with black center caps back in 1998 or so. Since then I've painted them several times more. Each time I used a vinyl black paint designed to adhere to plastics, vinyl, etc. It was kinda too shiny for me and while it was sorta durable - just not enough.

So while the truck is in the shop for paint I decided to try something different. I was in Lowes one day getting some high temp black Rust-o-leum and spotted this stuff - Plasti Dip. Comes in liquid and spray on. Supposed to be for tools, marine applications, electrical insulation etc. Says to add silica grit for grip over first coat if you want. No chip, no fade, won't scratch - that's what it says on the can anyway. The liquid is for dipping stuff like pliers handles and breaker bars in so I went with the spray

I took the caps down to bare with 80 grit, then 120, then 220 before spraying. Definately the most effort I've put into sanding ever but they had multiple coats of the black vinyl crap on them. Primed gray and shot the stuff on. Stuff is rubbery textured, the right color for me and if it lasts I'm sold. It's this stuff:


Make sure to shake it up REALLY good. This is the third coat drying:
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A lot of the kids over at the civic forum use plasti-dip. Easy on and if you don't like it easy off. Seems to have been popular for some time for the " tuners ".

Caps look good.
nice tip.

how do they look on the wheels?
The mudders on the 100 forum are using it for trim, wheels, grill, etc, lots of thread there. Everybody who has used it seems happy with the durability.
I dunno Doug - they are on the truck in the paint shop. Thought about having the guy shoot them with Antique Pearl Sage, but my common sense kicked in and I canned that idea.

Hope to get the truck back end of next week. It will take a few days to get all the interior and exterior trim back on and paint the front " chrome " trim and grill pieces black with this stuff.

I'll update then.

Also - check this out. Fab your own spacers?????

10" x 10" Plastic Prototypes | U.S. Plastic Corp.

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