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Oct 8, 2006
Lafayette, Colorado
I'm getting ready to rebuild the 3-speed transmission and transfer case on my 1972 FJ40. While cleaning things up I found two lines of numbers stamped on the right side of the transfer case. First row of #s: 79625 and the second row of #s: 2F4. Based on searching the forum I think the bottom line 2F4 indicates: 2=1972, F=June and 4=4th case produced in June. VIN plate on the door has the production date as June of 1972 so it appears to be the original transfer case. But, does anyone know what the first row of numbers might tell me?


Also found L02 painted in yellow on the left side of the transmission - Any idea what it signifies? Just for fun I'll probably copy the markings and make a stencil to replicate the original.


Thanks for your help!
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