Deciphering Inventory Sheet Codes

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Oct 26, 2016
UPDATE: Turns out doing a little fooling around with the build tool on Lexus' website and watching the URL change is quite informative. Filled in most of the blanks now. At least relevant to the vehicle I have coming in. As a resource I will update the other codes using the same method. If it's helpful to anyone.

Hello - After dealing with the shenanigans of locating a 2022 GX, my dealer was able to locate one in the spec we desire. Because I’m impatient I was wondering if anyone knew how to interpret these codes as I await the full spec sheet.


So far I believe I’ve decoded the following but a few missing holes:
9700 - Model - GX460
NXXXXXX6 - Stock Number. I don't believe this contains codes on the build other than possibly extrapolating the date built from it but believe these are assigned at allocation or by the dealers. If there are numbers in here that relate to spec let me know.
0077 - Exterior - Starfire Pearl
EA40 - Interior - Sepia
FT - ??? - Seems to pop up regardless of build.
HW - Heated Steering Wheel
PJ - ??? - Still not sure what this code means
PT - Premium Package Plus w/ captains chairs
TC - Tonneau Cover
WR - Headlamp Washer

I’m being impatient but in this environment where dealers are getting sheets with cryptic codes before the window sticker is generated I figured it be good for the community to have a resource. I realize this is a simple question for the dealer but I’m a curious person and they’re closed.

Excited to be a part of the GX community on mud. The GX will join my two land cruisers.

Thank you for all the help!
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