Dead windows? Rusty door window motor

May 22, 2004
22 Acacia Avenue
Right rear passenger side window has been sluggish since '04 when we bought our '97 with 67K on the clock. A couple months ago it gave up the ghost. I cleaned the contacts previously on the driver master switch and that didn't seem to help. So this time, I pulled the passenger window switch and the driver master and went through the continuity checks- no issue. With the door panel off I could hear some very faint ticking when engaging the switch in either direction, but no movement.

Pulled the connection and took my 3A 12V power supply over and tried applying voltage in both polarities- nada. Pulled the motor and crank assy. Noticed some corrosion on the motor housing. Was able to pull 2 of the 3 screws that hold the motor to the crank, but the 3rd was behind the stamped sheet metal arm. Had to drill a hole in the arm to reach that screw. Removed the motor, removed the housing cover screws and had to really motivate the housing off. The worm gear was locked solidly in the cover :eek:

Tried for a while to work it loose but no dice, so I clamped the worm gear portion of the shaft in my vice using some soft cedar as softners. Had to gently drift the housing off the base using a brass drift :eek: TONS of rust and corrosion between the windings, iron poles and magnets in the housing.

Took about an hour to get it cleaned out, used a wire brush where I could and some emery cloth on the magnets (nothing to lose at that point). Cleaned it well with contact cleaner, lubed where appropriate with Mobil 1, works like a champ- better than ever actually. Put a film on the o-ring to see if it'll help seal better.

Another area to investigate if your windows grind to a halt. BTW, my local dealer price on the motor is $299 :eek:


Needs monitoring
May 7, 2005
Hillsborough, NC
Yikes! Good work there dude, did you possibly take any pics of the process / carnage?

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