Damaged axle splines

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May 18, 2009
Pacific NW
Finally tackled my last bit of baseline PM on my FZJ. Today I completed a front axle service. Everything went fine, and then I went to install the passenger side drive flange...

After further exam, both the axle and drive flange teeth look damaged. The teeth don't look symmetrical.




Spent a ton of money on lately on a rig I only take out to the trails... so keep that in mind when you read/answer my questions:

What do you think the probability of failure is within the next 5k miles?

If failure occurs, besides loss of drive to that wheel, what are the potential consequences? (could metal get into CV area?)
Failure probability is impossible to guess as you know, but increased with lockers, damaged splines and oversize tires under trail conditions. If it were my rig, I'd buy new drive plates ASAP as this will help maximize spline/driveplate engagement versus the worn drive plate. If we were on a trip (such as in Moab), I'd say swap the right and left drive plates as a cheap temp fix.

You'll obviously be needing a stub axle soon, but new drive plates are very reasonable and will help things last greatly. Get those metal filings off the axle splines, too....

I don't think there's much movement of grease from this area back into the birf, but they are obviously sharing the same grease if things got very hot. The spindle bushing is closer and may be getting grease. Dunno - the more I think about it, the spindle bushing's grease channels may move some grease back and forth and pull a bit of the shavings back with it. You could leave the drive plate off and use a powered grease gun to shove a bunch of grease into the square birf plug and it will begin shoving the old/contaminated grease out past the axle stub until fresh stuff comes out. All stop gap compared to a full repack with new stub axle, of course but I'd consider it under certain circumstances.


Any place to get the drive flange besides OEM?

New stubby found for $250... used for $150.

Not metal on the axles, just little rocks from dirty hands.
Where do I buy an axle and drive flange???

Also having difficulty finding out the compatibility. 93-97 fully interchangeable?


http://www.cruiserparts.net/parts/fj80.htm has new for $250, used for $150.
SLEE has new for $225

Drive Flanges
Maybe I should just spend the $169 for locking hubs.
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Check the FAQ as I think in 95 the splined section of the axle was lengthened as was the mating surface on the drive plate. Might have been in 93 which would be what you're thinking but I don't think so.


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