Dallas Sliders - Virtually Brand New SROR 80 Series Sliders for 95-97

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Mar 18, 2007
Dallas, TX
United States
I am selling these sliders after having them about 2 weeks. Only one side was ever put on. I decided I would rather have one without the step. Though I know a lot of people prefer the step. A few very small scratches under the cat side slider since I took it on one trail. You can't see them with the sliders on.

These are the Solid Rock Off Road sliders. More info here:


There is also a number of posts about them on this MUD if you search. New cost is $650 plus shipping. These are available today in Dallas for $575. I have included one picture on the one that was installed, on my LX450. I strongly prefer local pickup in Dallas, I am near uptown area.
Damn...ain't timing a %:?ch. I wish I could take them off yer hands...but I just paid for some custom SROR sliders last week! Jim is keeping the outrigger tubes flat & using expansion metal on the top for steps...I hope they turn out nice. I'm supposed to get'em in a few weeks.
bolt on or weld on?
The sliders are bolt on and have the cat protection for the in-line cat on the pass side.
I am interested. I'm located in Plano just north of you. Would you be interested in a trade/partial trade for a fridge?
I am interested. I'm located in Plano just north of you. Would you be interested in a trade/partial trade for a fridge?
Unfortunatley, I don't need a fridge right now. Would prefer to just sell. But thanks.
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I'm interested. I'm down in San Antonio but might make the trip up to Dallas. I'm looking for the step type slider to keep my kiddo from taking a dive out of my truck.

PM me your contact info and let's chat. Thanks.
anyone who ends up buying these. if you have ANY issues, please let me know.

i will deal with you like you had bought them from me.

Sold to Keller in Reno

For anyone thinking about SROR products, Jim is amazing to work with. Don't hesitate to purchase from him. If anything ever comes up he is on it immediately. And even coordinated last minute shipping via his friend, to Round up for me. With him at the company fully time, he will really have a great impact on the cruiser community!
sorry that you had to sell them jonathan :frown:

let me know if i can help you out later.
the offer will always be there.

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