Czech made 100 build

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Dec 4, 2021
Brno, Czechia

I have bought our 100 a year ago, so many things happened since than. A lots of fun and tears as well :] I would like to post here my build primarly targetting original state. Starting with some basic repairs at the beginning of my journey.

Timing belt, and all fluids .. 5w-40, cooling, break, ahc, front and rear diffs, AT, AHC








I had same issues when i bought mine, though not as much rust. Replacing the rear upper and lower arms and front diff bushings made a night and day difference. My gas tank pan is in poor shape, love the rework you did on yours!
Beautifull trip to Mitrovsky Angus - farm, got some 1.5 Kg T-bone ... awesome day. Fully loaded - dad, mom, wife and my daughter + 2*45Kg dogs at the back and bagage. We did some offroading to get our friends place in the middle of nowhere, he has horse camp .. sadly got stuck in MUDDDD :D sitting on rear diff in the softest mud I have ever seen .. My bridgestone blizzak 2 275/70r16 did not helped at that day


Also had a problem with my low range gear leaver, solved here -- Stuck low range 100 series. -
another issue AHC, as always, solved here -- AHC blinking OFF DTC 13, 18, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 43 -

I am finally owner of techstream, and got link to FSM, thanks to community here on Ih8mud!

I am not sure it is called V-belt? Anyway it was one making noise together with upper pulley, grease in the pulley bearing changed, V-belt changed.

What pissed me off most? Have you seen pictures of printed Fuelt tank? they left pipes as they were .. visible on old picture. gues what, it has start leaking. Replaced by rubber pipes, so, solved


another opportunity to fix something :) did some offroading this weekend, 7 Kms of frozen mud .. dream

When I shift to Low range, than central diff lock is engaged + rear diff also. This is not supposed to happen, correct me if I am wrong.

expected behaviour fo shifting to Low Range is just central diff lock.

Any idea where to start troubelshooting?

I would love to not lock any differencial when shifting to Low range, so have possibillity to ride in Low range and separately engage central diff, in worst scenarios rear ..

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