Cutting Lower Intake to Remove??

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Dec 2, 2004
Athol, MA
I've searched and found that in order to completely remove the lower intake manifold for cleaning and, in my case, powder coating, most people remove the harness as well covered in other threads. My question is, can the lower manifold be cut without compromising strength and sealing of the manifold to the head? It seems that it would be much easier than unplugging everything....
Copy of Intake & Wire Harness #1.jpg
If you just unplug the computer and unbolt the hard loom from the firewall you can feed the upper harness through the lower intake fairly easy. Don't cut the intake!
i would strongly suggest not cutting the manifold. It might make it quick and easy, but you'll probably regret it later.
I'll take a look at unplugging the harness today.

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