Custom Troopie traveling the Island

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Mar 28, 2002
Hi folks.

A cool custom homebrew Troopie (stretched BJ42) is on the rock and traveling around a bit for the next short while. He's not net savvy, has some ideas on roads he might travel, and is a general all round great cruiserhead. Anyway, he's in Victoria right now (was in Abby yesterday) so if you see this truck in your travels wave him down. I can pass on his phone number if you want to contact, give some ideas or simply hook up if your schedules permit. PM me.

Anywhoo, thought ya'll might be interested.

Custom Troopy.jpg
Good talking to ya on Friday Greg, hope to hear from the troopy owner this weekend but more likely he will give John a call since he is closer to Vic.

Cool rig, good to see cruiser folk still dropping into cruiser shops like yours and ours.

cool truck...that's one of those projects I always wanted to try...

but kinda went a different route to get my diesel wagon that won't rust....:flipoff2:

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