Custom Roof Rack

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Nov 11, 2007
Vancouver Island, BC
I just came from the powdercoaters (used Santex Black) with my aluminum roof rack designed for my RTT. Last summer the tent was placed on 4 Yakima bars as the first pic shows. I wanted something a little lower profile that is able to carry my water and extra fuel containers as well as the tent. The bottles are all the 10L Scepter bottles (my supplier ended up sending me two 10L and two 20L for the price of the 10L ones only - their screwup. They said to keep them. Not sure if I am going to use the large ones or not). I can fit a total of 6 bottles across the back. I will be using four water bottles and two fuel bottles.
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Looks great to me! What roof clamps did you incorporate?

Custom-made by my fabricator/friend. Just need to bolt down the center clamps and cut off the rubber gasket I used between the rack and the truck for protection.

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