Custom Drive Shafts

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Oct 28, 2014
Peoria, IL
Hi all,

I'm about ready to do a V8 (Chevy 305) swap in my 78 fj40. Tranny is stock, and I'll be using an Advanced Adapter kit. Just curious: what's a ball park figure on the cost of building the custom drive shafts?

Also, has anyone tried to just move the body back a few inches? I know I'd have to fabricate new body mounts and somehow modify the rear bumper mounts. I'm thinking that the extra inches up front would be hidden by the winch.

I could be wrong, but I'll have the body off the frame for sandblasting anyway, and that seems cheaper than a new set of drive shafts.

Any thoughts?
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why do you need custom drive shafts ?shorten the front ,and buy another used front d shaft and shorten to fit the rear .by the time you move the body and redo the whole truck where are you saving money not to mention any resale value .
Actually, I already have a second front drive shaft. I also have a friend that's a professional welder. Are you saying that we can just cut out a section of the shaft and re-weld? No professional balancing, etc. needed?
Look up online what is involved with drive shaft modifications. I have and it looks like it could be doable. I would be leery of shortening the rear shaft without balancing, but if your friend is real good at fabbing/welding it might be possible. From what I've found it takes some very close attention to detail. The front could be possible, especially if you don't plan to ever use four wheel drive at highway speeds.

mine were roughly 350 including new CV, Ujoints and Toy flanges. However, most drive shaft shops can reuse old parts and the cost drops significantly if they just need to retube/balance
So you are doing a engine swap and frame off but you are concerned about making a driveshaft longer/shorter??

That's like worrying what color the doors are while building a skyscraper.

I can't even think of how complicated it would be to move the body mounts around (the frame tapers) to accommodate a relocation of the Driveshafts.

the rear shaft pretty much has to be balanced. You can bypass the front if you are not planning on any high speed 4wd..

BTW, a stock chevy 305 is not much of a powerhouse even in comparison to F series motors. Obviously they lend themselves to modification better, but stock they were rather underwhelming.

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Just find a driveline shop.... after everything is situated in the rig, measure the output to inputs, take the shafts, and have them lengthen/shorten and balance....

how much it costs will probably depend on what's needed.... I know to have mine lengthened and balanced (and keep in mind lengthening means they have to provide material) it was just over $100 at a local shop.
Dont do the driveshaft mod yourself. It will only costs, as said, about 80-100 at a driveshaft shop, and it will be balanced. I have had two done locally, (shortened) each cost me only $75

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