Cricket in my wheels?

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Feb 9, 2008
Northern CA
Here's another question....

It sounds like crickets singing at dusk as I am driving along. I noticed also as I am stopping, it sounds like something in the wheel is rubbing against another something like the brakes need new pads. I just had an inspection at the local Toyota dealer and brakes were ok. I do know I need front axle service 'cause when I make left turns, I can feel a click or two. Anywho, please, let me know. I'm about to go to Tahoe on a ski trip. Thanks
jack it up and check the tightness of your lug nuts!
Had a brake inspection at Les Schwab today. Rear brakes are good and front brakes have about 20% left. They recommend changing the front pads in about 5k miles. But, the scraping sound from the wheel as if the brake pads is ready to be replaced is still there. I have to do a front axle job first before I'll replace the front pads so for now, I will drive with my DS windows up. ;) Anywho, any suggestions to make this annoying sound go away? Thanks.
With 20% left, you're probably riding on the annoying brakepad wear piece. It makes contact with the rotor like a record needle to let you know your brake pads are quite low and should be replaced....unless you like that song it plays for you.
Depending on the pads they might have a wear indicator to warn you when the pads are nearing the point of needing replacement. Mine are making noise and I've got the pads ready to be installed (as soon as I figure out which brake fluid to go with).

If it were me I would check the pads myself and if they will last awhile longer and it is the wear indicator that is touching the rotor, I would bend it back a tad. Then button everything back up and see if your cricket goes away :D

Just don't forget to keep checking the pads or just get them replaced...Waiting until you get down to metal on metal contact is not a good thing....DAMHIK :frown:

EDIT: Cody beat me to it...That'll teach me to start a reply and walk away before finishing :)
Thanks, guys. Really appreciate your 411s.

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