Creek Falls Trail Ride Sun..June 7 @ Noon

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Sep 15, 2008
Well seeing as my truck survived Ludlow we are planning a semi-local ride down to Creek Falls in Perryopolis.The ride will be down 51 past where I-70 crosses but I think we are going to meet up @ high noon on Sunday the 7th at Harbor Freight tools on Rt.51 in front of Century III Mall.You know the drill bring your truck ,a lunch ,some drinks,and your b@!!$ !let me know guys!!!
Is that date definite? I'm going to Kennywood that day. ( The Wifes company picnic ....) I can go any other sunday. Let me know.
well so far only me and frank were goin to go but the next sunday the 14th was supposed to be a scouting ride down to somerset for the HUGE labor day ride......this sunday the first is out because its too soon and i just was gone all last we might maybe change our mind and go on the 14th but i imagine we would just go to somerset where the other triangle guys are going......right now i dunno but i will keep in touch
Thanks, I would miss Kennywood but, I really like riding the train. I told my wife it wouldn't be scary if it jumped the track and rolled into the Mon.
Well the 7th was an impulse and i think its gonna be postponed...see new thread

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