Crack Nut Size

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46 mm or 1 13/16 in.
Punt because I just had to search this, going to have it rebuilt and only spent $450 on a new one....:flipoff2: Spares piles either grow or die
There are quite a few writeups on this including mine. Not hard to do following the FSM. Plan on making a tool as well. I can lend out my tool and socket if people need it.
'bout an inch and a half

Just to follow up... A 3/4" drive, 1 13/16" socket worked fine, used the 'ole bump it with the starter trick. Put breaker bar in port side frame support. No need for a puller on the harmonic balancer. All my seals etc look okay, but replacing OEM since I'm in there.

...glad I waited until I got the harmonic balancer off, before I removed the fusable links, to then send to coolerman.:deadhorse:

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