Cooper S/T Maxx- Ice/Snow (1 Viewer)

Aug 22, 2015
We are getting our first real winter weather since I put these tires on my 03 Tacoma (1.5 years on the tires but it barely got below freezing last year.) I'm seriously impressed with the snow and ice performance. Granted I've had crappy tires on it in the past. (The truck came with some flavor of BF Goodrich but they weren't real aggressive.) But what a difference.

Earlier in the week we have a pretty significant snow and I was surprised how I could "launch" the truck from a stop with open diffs. Today we've transitioned into "black ice" mode and what would have been total "pucker" moments in the past are controllable and predictable now. (I learned to drive on snow and ice in Michigan in the early 80's - I know the ice is there I'm just driving like an idiot because that's what I do. Straight flat roads with not much to hit including other vehicles.)

Anyway I know a lot of people here are aware of the virtues of this tire but it's my first go round. Will buy again.

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