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Apr 19, 2010
I'm well aware that almost a year ago Downey Off Road Manufacturing went out of business. I saw that the former president posted a forum on this site saying that 6 companies are in talks to take over where they left off. After that, i could not find any other info on the subject. Does anyone know who resumed their operations, if at all?

Here's my dilemma, I've been told that I need some tabs welded on to my Downey headers on my 1997 4Runner. The tabs need to have the Executive Order # on it to prove that they are smog legal or else it won't pass the Visual Inspection during a smog check. I printed out the Executive Order paperwork, but they say its meaningless and that I need the EO number stamped on the headers in order to pass. Does anyone provide support for this or am I SOL? My last resort is to buy stock headers so I don't have to deal with this BS anymore (but I would like to keep the Downey headers obviously).
Aug 11, 2002
Elkhart, Indiana
contact Mark Algazy at Marks Off Road Marks Off Road Home Page. 65swb45 here on the boards. He was the original supplier of those headers to Downey.

Call him- he doesn't really embrace email or texting.

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