Constant Low Fuel Light

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Mar 9, 2009
Hey All,

My low fuel light started flickering 2 days ago with less than 1/2 a tank. Today it's constantly on, even with a full tank. I did a search and am hoping it's just a bad ground. I read that there is an inspection plate under the second row of seats, but am not sure what exactly to look for once I'm in there. Will it be pretty obvious or is it a gaggle of wires. The timing isn't too good on this, I'm taking the 80 up to VT for the weekend camping. I might just have to hope for the best and check it out on Monday. Has anyone ever had this happen with their 80? Mines a '97 with about 141,000 miles. Thanks in advance for the help.


I've had my gauge stick a for a few days after it sat up for a while. I wouldn't worry about it unless you need it. Just fill up every 200 miles and you're fine.
My truck has had its low fuel light on for about a year now. It came on one day as I was driving down the interstate with a little over a half tank of fuel in the tank, and it's been on ever since. It stays at probably 50% bright, then goes to 100% bright when it would normally be lit.

I pulled the fuel pump unit twice looking for wiring problems, but found nothing but clean good wires. There is a simple 4-wire (if I recall) harness with a connector above the tank. Where the wires go through the cover into the tank, they are covered with some kind of plastic/resin. I assume this is to prevent corrosion and leakage, but it also makes it impossible to really inspect.

The low-fuel light is on a separate circuit from the fuel-level gauge, so as long as I know how much fuel I've got I just ignore the light. That being said: if you figure something out, let me know :)
Thanks guys. I'm going to have to wait, hope for the best, and look at it on Monday. I just hope it's not the start of a major problem. I don't really like the light on when it's not supposed to be. Thanks again!
Just buy some stock in a major oil company and an exploration company and keep the truck well fed.

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