Concave tailgate (or is this normal?)

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May 10, 2020
I was replacing some weatherstripping on the rear hatch and noticed my tailgate seems to be a bit convex. I have no idea if it's been bent from heavy things, or if that's normal. I'm guessing the former. It seems to just make a seal, but I'm not confident in it. I'm thinking I should un-bend this, or if that's not reasonable seek a replacement.

Notice how you can see more of the body side rubber gasket in the photo. It's a little hard to visually make sense of at first.

Common but not normal or OE spec. Mine is the same. I haven’t had issue except one soupy mud hole that let the slurry in and got the last few inches of carpet wet n dirty. If you want to fix my thought is a replacement gate will be easiest.
Is the whole gate bent or just the interior side?

I have pulled off the interior carpet and pulled the interior metal back into shape on part of mine because my gate was cracked and bent up by the handle.

I welded it back together, straightened it, and repainted.
It looks to be just the interior side to me, nothing weird on the outside as far as I can tell.

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