compressor mount locations

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Mar 17, 2015
Yuma, Az
after skimming through many threads on locations to mount a compressor and not finding any pics on where im interested on mounting a ckma12, im here asking for some pics. I read that someone mounted theirs in place of the stock jack but they didn't supply pics. I would like to mount under the hood and have seen a few pictures of people mounting in the 2nd battery tray. that's a good location but I will be running dual batts so that's out of the question.

so if you have pictures of where your compressors are mounted post them all so when someone tries look for an idea he doesn't have to skim through thread after thread and post after post and seeing the same ol' "heres how I mounted xxx compressor".

These are pictures from @Jorgito truck. He relocated the charcoal canister with that bracket, then I made a simple bracket to mount his compressor in there. I think this was the single pump ARB, but I bet the dual will fit.
Please keep the pics coming. I am getting ready to install mine as well and would love as many options as possible.

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