Comeup SLIM Seal Gen2 9.5rs in Goblin bumper GX470

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Sep 12, 2020
Finally getting around to installing my winch and working out the control box location.
Glad this model by Comeup allows clocking the gears and lever for problem free access (see pic)

Not much room inside bumper to mount control box except upside down.
This made access to the switch to isolate it for parisitic draw behind a grate and exposed to water-- or worse, inacessible if bogged to bumper.

Planning on building extended cables and putting it under the hood behind the air box (in case 2nd battery or snorkel install happens in front)
While I was looking for good installation tips I found this video well done if anybody else plans similar relocation

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I used this for my M8000S, works great.

Hey, look at that!
Very nice, thank you for pointing that out.
Significantly less than buying three 4 foot strands of the needed guage of copper wire and lugs.
How tall is that box (how far does it protrude from mount)?
Trying to estimate any clearance issues before buying that.
The remote plug socket is taller rather than recessed on my model.
Will measure up and order tonight then post a pic here when done if all the fitment is good (or a heads up if it don't)
If you contact Tandem they'll confirm fitment. I measured the control box and sent them the info. It's about 3" tall. I still had to extend cables, they were about 6" too short. That worked out because I also needed some extra flexy wires to be able to get a good bend radius and clear the radiator. I used grounding cable for a welder. The cables that came from Warn were too stiff.

Tandem will draw up the contactor placement in solidworks. They responded with this after I sent measurements;

In any case I need to fab a bracket, but 3+ inches sounds right on the money.
It is possible I turn so motor is on driver side and adjust line to correct spooling and not need extended cables.
Thanks again for the insights.

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