color codes for my HJ61

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Mar 23, 2008
hi guys,
I have a 1987 HJ61 - silver metallic - but would really like to know the code for the tan color. it´s the absolutely best looking color for these trucks, imo. can anyone tell me, where to find a list of the codes, preferrably with some illustrative pics to guide me?

carsten morgenstern, DENMARK
It should be on the identification plate. I'm not exactly sure where it is located on your HJ61, but for my UZJ100, it is on the driverside piller (if you have the ds door open, facing the inside, look down and to the right). I'm not sure how far back they put the plate there but most Toyotas should have them there. The code should start C/TR then the three digit or letter/combo code. For example, mine is 1B1. You can then go to and find the exact color designation/double check your code.

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