cold air intake?

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Nov 24, 2007
Enderby, B.C.
I am looking for info on a cold air intake. My cruiser is an 1996 model.
Who offers one?
What difference has one made to your cruiser once it's on?

Any info you can offer will help. My initial search on the K&N website showed that they do not sell a system for the 80 series, just a replacement filter.
The stock air filter intake is routed outside of the engine compartment, thereby it is a kind of cold air intake. Not sure exactly what you mean.
Cold air intake? Why not get a snorkel!!!???? You can't see a cold air intake, but a snorkel looks great. Still trying to convince my wife to let me put a snorkel on her daily driver. Besides, if you are offroad and hit a puddle of any size, a cold air intake could easily take on water that your engine will hate and could cost you a lot of $$. I do see that you live in a drier place than I do so you might do OK.
Good point bruff!
A friend of mine just put a cold air on his cherokee and has been quite impressed with the performance of it and I was wondering who out there has done it with their 80 series and if it made much difference. I have always admired the filter cans of Land Cruisers for their water proofability, and a snorkel would work well with them.
Speaking of convincing wives, I showed my wife a picture of an 80 series with a 4" Old Man Emu lift and some larger Mickey Tompson MTZ's on it. She absolutely loved it!!! I'm going to start saving paychecks now!
A friend of mine just put a cold air on his cherokee and has been quite impressed with the performance of it

I'll bet he just thinks there's more power, 'cause he heard that they increase power. A placebo effect, basically.

I used to have a K&N air filter on my truck. When I first put it in, the truck felt like it had more power. The 0-60 was timed to 20 seconds (3FE) with the old filter. I tested it again with the K&N; same stretch of road, same conditions; the time was the same: 20 seconds.

I have since ditched the K&N for a generic paper filter because the K&N left a nice layer of oil inside the intake tube and AFM, and did absolutely nothing for performance/economy gains.

The 80 series intake, in stock form, is fairly free-flowing. Same goes for the exhaust.

Sorry for the long-winded post, but I would think twice before installing a "cold air intake" or a snorkel solely for performance gains.
IMHO Cold air intakes are horrible for their filtering purpose. The filters are usually thiner than a standard air filter and are more prone to sucking up all types of crap. Also, I always thought the air in my engine compartment was rather warm.:hmm:
I had some pieces of a cold air intake of a hemi and fabed it onto my 80. a lot more noise and not much if any performance gains and a drop in MPG. went back to stock.
Thanks for the replys folks! Looks like the stock intake wins. My personal fave for boosting performace however has to be the TRD supercharger, which, incidently, I heard was discontinued by Toyota just last year for the 80 series. I think I will leave that one alone, don't need my wife racing all over town. ;)
If you want cold intake, fab one up, and see if there is any difference. If not it should be easy to change back.
You already have a cold air intake from the factory. Engine air is sourced from the right inner fender and routed through the right engine bay wall into the filter.


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