Coastal Cruiser Meeting January 8

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Jan 19, 2005
Vancouver, Canada
Heads up Coastal Cruisers...First meeting of the year on Thursday.
Meet at EBI shop 8:00 p.m. BE THERE !
I would seriously be at every single meeting, but like the many before it, I'll be out of town working again :meh:
I'll be coming in later, Bill as my daughter has horse-back riding in Aldergrove until 7. See you at 8.
Here are the prizes for the next meeting.

Fiskars X27 6.3 lb. 36 in. Super Splitting Axe

Model # 78846935

Fiskars X27 6.3 lb. 36 in. Super Splitting Axe.jpg

Fiskars 28 in. X25 Splitting Axe

Model # 78546935

Fiskars 28 in. X25 Splitting Axe.jpg

Fiskars Chopping Brush Axe
Model # 78606935J

Fiskars Chopping Brush Axe.jpg

SOG SOGFari Machete - 18"
- Clam Pack MC02-N

SOG SOGFari Machete 18.jpg

SOG 15.3" Jungle Primitive Knife
with Nylon Sheath, Black Finish

SOG 15.3 Jungle Primitive Knife.jpg

Anybody from the North Shore going to the meeting that I can ride with ?
$25 Jeff. $20 for the Association and I'm always collecting. :)
Are those seriously the prizes, for real?
They were for real and you missed them. ;)

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