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Mar 31, 2005
puyallup wa
i was going to put a new clutch slave on my 71 fj40, tried to put the one i got from napa but it doest fit my hose size, it takes a bigger thread than the hose on my truck. i asked the parts guy and he said it should fit 65-75... i know that they chaged hose sizes in those years somwhere. my question is if i order one form ccot that says 70-74 should that solve my problem, or does it sound like i have a hose from a different year than my truck, i dont want to order one from them and then try and return it if it doesnt fit... thanks!
I may have pertinent info for you. My 40 has a manufacture date of April 1971. I replaced the clutch master and slave using CCOT's aftermarket parts. I ordered by the model year (7/70 and later) and got a different master than what was on it. The old master looks like the one for 9/65 to 6/70 as shown on CCOT's web site. The hard line coming out of it uses a banjo bolt while the new one listed for 7/70 and later came with 10mm by 1.0 thread fitting machined for flared hard line. To make the new master work was just a matter of getting a new metric flared brake line (I think I used a 12" line). The banjo bolt master is also 10mm by 1.0 thread, but the master is not machined for a flared hard line. Look carefully at your clutch master and compare to CCOT's pictures. There is a very definate visual difference between the two masters, location of the fluid reservoir and threaded output location being two very visible ones. Oh, and the three bolt mounting is the same for both.

I hope this helps you.
The master and slave shown in the pic of the kit that you got from CCOT looks the same as what I got from CCOT. I didn't see the kit so I ordered seperate items,the kit would have been easier. I discovered the difference in the hard lines after I had the master and slave in my hands, that is why I used a short hard brake line to make the hard line shown in the kit.

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