Clutch pushrod snapped... why?

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Jun 5, 2005
Palo Alto, CA

The clutch pushrod on my '78 40 just flat snapped off the other day. It snapped right where the second pushrod screws onto the main long pushrod. I rolled to a stop while throwing it into neutral. Why on earth would that happen? I mean, it's a solid piece of metal, and just pushes the release fork back. I've got a tough time seeing something that simple going that wrong.

Easy enough fix, but I'm worried there is a deeper problem here. Anyone heard of this before?

Because the end of the pushrod was dry as a bone and got tired of scraping around in the socket of the release arm.

When it goes back together, make sure the arm socket looks clean & round, and the end of the new/used pushrod is also smooth & round. Grease it up good before installing.

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