Clear Fuel Line

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Sep 30, 2003
Woodstock, GA
Tried several places for some replacement clear fuel line with no luck. Where do you guys get this stuff? Should I stick with clear. This application is from the gas tank to the gas tank selector valve. Also will need a new connector to screw into the line into the tank as well. Thanks.
If you are talking the OLDER FJ40 stock clear fuel line from the fuel tank to fuel filter and from the fuel filter to the fuel pump. I took them to my locol House of Hose removed the brass fittings with barbs thay are Wentworth thread :confused: keep them as you will be re useing and will have a hard time replacing them. Thay set me up with a new black VERY HEAVY DUTY ~ AEROOUP FC598-04 EXCEEEDS SAE 100R6 8714356 202 ~ fuel line with new crimp on hose rings, bought a little extra hose cut to length Very tite fit useing your old fittings then crimped the hose rings that House of Hose provided with a hose ring crimping tool I bought from Granger to repair water hose worked perfactly. cost about 48.00 $ for bolth hoses. :cheers: JC
Anybody else got any ideas. This does not have to be stock & the cheaper the better. I simply want it back on the road. Any help much appreciated! This line only has to go abuot 12 inches to the tank selector.
I don't know about this application, but McMaster-Carr has a lot of different types of plastic tubing. Tygon makes a formulation specifically for fuel and oil, it's formulation F-4040-A. McMaster-Carr has this tubing in several sizes, sold by the foot. It's not clear, but it is translucent yellow.
I found some 1/4" fuel line from my local ACE hardware (they had other sizes as well). It is black and not the yellow and clear and is one of the "poly" blends instead of rubber.

They might be able to order you some.

Good luck.

Bump! So I have pretty much exhausted all the local hardware and auto stores around me and have had NO luck. Noone knows how to get the fitting off (screws into side of tank). All the auto places tell me to go to hardware and all the hardware tell me to go to auto. Cant find anything from SOR either. Any help appreciated I NEED this thing back on the road.
The fitting on the end of the clear line is the same as the one on the end of the stock steel lines that attach to the carb, iirc.

If you have a stock engine/carb, you will be able to verify this by removing one of the fuel lines and comparing them....

I am pretty sure that I took a stock fuel line from the pump to the carb, cut it, and made a piece that I could attach normally available fuel line to it and attached it to the fuel tank fitting.

Good luck!

Well bud,

By now I am sure that you realize that Toyota made that fuel line, and it is not an over the counter piece, so it is time to improvise.

Take a fuel line off your truck and make sure that it will attach to the side of the tank. If it does, make yourself a hose barb from an old line, and move forward. There are A LOT of people on this board that are from the Denver area, provided your name has anything to do with your location, and even if you are not, it will not be that had to find a steel line to cut up and make work for you.

Good luck!

Try a hydo shop. They will have all kinds of different fittings and I'm sure gas resistent hose. There was one off of 38th and fox? I can't remember the name but they had some super odd fittings I found there and they can do small work while you wait (brazing etc) sorry I can't remember the name and searched the web for a bit too. I think i have their card at home somewhere :( Ask ige if she had the fuel line off that 74 she parted? Ron.. rocky mountain cruisers....

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