Check your Wheel Bearings!

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Sep 29, 2003
Bentonville, AR

I picked up a very strange vibration in the PS front end a couple of days ago. It almost sounded/felt like a truck that runs TSLs or Boggers (I have REVO 285s). The vibration was more pronounced as i turned to the left.

I pulled the PS front wheel and the lock nut and adjustment nut spun right off. Both of my fornt outer wheel bearings were pretty much shot. Luckily, I caught it in time as the spindles were in good condition.

I ran down to Auto Zone and picked up (2) Timken bearing and races (SET47 is the part number).

I cleaned and re-packed everything with Mobile1 Red Synthetic, installed the new races/bearings, and set the pre-load according to LandTank's procedure. WOW! what a difference.

The whole procedure took less than 3 hours, including a trip to Auto Zone.
x2 on importance for bearing preload check. During my axle service, I found loose axle nuts that spun off by hand.

It goes without saying that I replaced all wheel bearings and races during the axle service.

Spindle bearing on bottom of DS was in the worst condition:

Same thing happened to me this past week. Driving for about 45 minutes on the interstate, hit the exit, came to a stop I came to a stop...sounded and felt like some serious grinding going on??? WTF. :confused:

Got home, pointed my infrared thermometer at DS and PS front rotors. DS = 117f PS = 2225f. Checked brakes and pads, thin but not the problem. Took it in for service and the bearings were toast. Went ahead and had the brakes serviced for convenience sake as it was almost time.

I guess what surprised me the most was the sudden nature of the issue surfacing....

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