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Feb 1, 2008
Burbank, CA
I was looking under the hood today and discovered the main engine harness has a nice opening on it. Also the egr connector looks like its been tampered with. You think this is the reason for CEL 25 ?
That happened to mine too, I cut out the effected areas of the wire and soldered in new wire then wrapped it with header wrap.
Rats or Squirels?

No rats, no squirrels. The poor thing did it to herself....

That wiring harness is very close to the EGR pipe. The EGR pipe reaches temperatures equivilant to your exhaust. The heat from that pipe damaged the insulation and if not cared for it will damgae those wires. If your wires are not already toast wrap the harness with heat wrap. If they are already fried follow Chibo's lead.
Very common for the EGR pipe to melt that harness section. Happened to our rig too and many others. The trick is to catch it before it does any real damage. We wrapped ours with Therma Shield. Great stuff.

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