Changing the exhaust on a 4.5

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Nov 9, 2004
Kent England
My exhaust is getting pretty rusted now, I have done repairs before and all have been to the down pipes where the two pipes join together, now it is blowing at the join just after the sensor and before the cat.

I have sourced a down pipe and 1st cat here in the UK and is £220 which dont sound to bad and the second cat is £180

There are two options, Ceramic monolith and steel monolith the latter being the most expensive, any ideas what is the difference between the two, ceramic or steel?

There is no where in the UK where I can buy the rest of the exhaust, what sort of price would a complte exhaust be in the USA as I am wondering if it would be cheaper to get one shipped over, if that was possible that is.

If I do get the hole repaired, I would have to take out the sensor, it does look very rusted, do these sensors break trying to remove them or do they come out quite easily once the nuts have been removed.

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