Changing Factory Dash Light Colour

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Sep 25, 2011
Harbour City, the New Southern Wales
Searched Mud to no avail [for 7x series] anyway]. Anyone ever changed their dash lights from faded green to something different? Or even upgraded?


I'll be replacing my dash and instrument lights with red LEDs in the next couple of weeks. From what I've researched the instrument lights are T-10 wedge type globes. My truck is an '89 75 series troopy. You can get colored LEDs in T-10 from most auto stores such as Supercheap, Autobarns etc. I work at Supercheap and they sell em for $10 a pair. I just bought a pack of 10 off eBay for $9.99 delivered and they're due to arrive in a week or two.

Hope this helps.
It does mate, and I'll be interested to see you pave the way!

Mmmm, red dash lights...
Isnt there just a little coloured "balloon" that fits over the light? Like in a autometer guage? Im sure you could go that route as well, but LEDs would be way cooler. My LJ78 has no rheostat for the dash lights and the brightness leaves something to be desired. Thanks for bringing this up. got my interest on screwing with something else in the truck lol

Yes the colored balloons were an option but were roughly the same price as replacing the globes with LEDs. I took the LED option, my 75 has a dimmer switch so maybe it will have a use again. The factory green is dismal at best.
Thx BBD. I'll be checking this out in a month or so.
So I took the plunge and pulled the dash apart and the cluster out and installed red LEDs. Overall took about a half hour to remove and replace cluster globes. 5 minutes for the secondary fuel tank globe in the dash pod thingy.

Photos show the globes I used. Originally I used t10 globes with 6 LEDs per globe but they were dismal so I bought t10 brake globes with 25 LEDs in each globe. These are much better and the photos are taken at 3pm so it's not dark by any means. To fit the longer brake globes i broke off the little plastic tabs inside the cluster so they would fit. When you pull out your old globes and look in the socket you'll know the little tabs I speak of. Forgot to get pix of the bigger globes so stole the pic off eBay.

Should be better in the dark so I'll take some more pix tonight. The troopy has a dimmer switch so I can turn em down if they're too bright at night.

I went with red because it can be bright without ruining night vision too much. Overall I bought about 15 globes for 20 bucks or so.

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