CDL actuator wiring troubles

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Jan 24, 2005
Boonsboro, Maryland
CDL actuator boggling me.

I have been working on getting my center diff to work since getting my new to me 94.

Start by diagnosing the actuator is looked up. I have a spare transfer case and pulled the actuator off of it and cleaned it up. Works great on the bench. Jump green and green/red wires works like a charm.

If I turn the gears inside the xfr I get the light on the dash on/off no problem.
If I hit the CDL button I get the clicking relay.

When I put the new actuator in I get nothing. If I jump the wires with 9v (actuator installed) works perfect.

When I test out the harness going to the actuator (have to tackle it more tonight to verify). I get power out like 11.5 volts or something. But it is not out of the green green/red wires. Seems to be the ones on the other side. They do change polarity when I flip wires as well.

Any idea on what readings I should have coming out of there? Seems like everyhting is there just not coming out of the right wires for some reason.

Stumped. Don't want to re wire and have the limit switches end up burning out or something.
I have continued with my testing of the components. I read in the other posts on grounding the 4,5,6 pins to get power to the 2, 3 pins. Well nothing. Failed that test.

So I took the relay out to do the thorough testing on it. I believe it is bad. One thing I wanted to check on with anyone that did it. When I jumped pins 9,10 with 9v as per procedure I hear the relay click.

When I do the same for the 7,2, and 5,6 pins is that supposed to click as well for the other relays? For anyone doing that has done these tests. Just wondering cause I only get clicking from 9,10.

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