Carnage of the month- Frt Diff

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Feb 4, 2007
Auburn, Al
Figured I would share this for you IFS guys.

Happened because I was too lazy to unspool my winch cable and decided to use the old faithful snatch strap.
Also cost me one transfer case because the clutches burned up after the pnion shaft seized in the frt housing.

Enough BS'ing. On to the pics...


So you were pulling out someone else when this happened?

Carnage for sure!:mad:

God luck on the repair - locker while you're at it?
Too bad you weren't pulling with the Taco!

I have pulled out a jeep on 35's (broke his wheel spinning the tires to get out!), and a friends F350 diesel, both from the same creek w/o incident - but it looks like a winch would be a lot cheaper (and less aggravating) than grenading differentials!
ouch. were you pulling in reverse? hopefully not, as it could have caused the carnage. definitely time for a front locker since your in there...unless you just swap a new used one in..
X2, that much torque on the coast side is an automatic for carnage of the month. I'm regearing within the month if ya want my 4.10s.

Thanks for the offer, but I already bought and installed a LKQ diff.

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