CargoBox Questions: YukonXL days may be numbered

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Jul 22, 2018
Been wanted to get a yakima or thule cargo box for the LC for a few months now. I have a sneaking suspicion that since the LC has arrived, my wife's long term plans of the YukonXL (aka Suburban) are changing. The LC can't compete with the enormous storage space though!

I've been reading some posts here about whether stock bars are sufficient or not... not too concerned with getting new bars either way.

My question is what "size" box is a "best fit" for the LC. It seems that every year the sizes and "names" of the products change! Hard to compare posts from even a year ago with current product offerings and dimensions.

Basically, I want to get the most appropriate box to maximize space as possible without it interfering with the antenna/tailgate, nor stick over the windshield. Goldilocks-3-little-bears goal...

Sorry for the long winded lead-in to my question!

I'm guessing the answer is somewhere in the Yakima Skybox 16, 18, or 21 Carbonite choices...
16: L 81.00in x W 36.00in x H 15.00in
18: L 92.00in x W 36.00in x H 16.00in
21: L 92.00in x W 36.00in x H 18.00in
the sportrack box I have fits the width perfect and ends before the sunroof. It’s huge but apparently not as huge as you are targeting.

Sample link for picture only
Thule XL works great on the LC. Very little if any wind noise.
I have the Yakima Skybox, it was the largest one made when I got it. I believe it is the 21. I went with the upgrade paint. We have used it for the last 10 years or so for family and hunting trips. We used it with an Expidition EL as well with the LC. Have had it in monsoon type of rain storms going 85 mph on the highway. Not a drop of water got inside. Never noticed any wind noise. Its american made and has matching keys to our Yakima bike carrier. Very satisfied with the purchase.
If you're not planning on using any additional roof rack stuff (like bike, ski, or kayak racks) go with the largest box you can. You'd be surprised how much you'll use the box. I have an older version of the Thule 18L and it's been great. I mount it onto a rhinorack pioneer platform and I still manage to squeeze two bikes uptop also.

I'm actually looking to upgrade to a 21L box and am currently shopping. Go big or go home!


As mentioned, go with the biggest one you can find. You may have to make some considerations for whether one person can install it or not. For instance we have a Thule Ascent 1600, which can be installed by a single person (me). 15 years on, it's been one of the best investments I've made for travel and activities.

Originally I bought ours to replace traditional ski racks. It's been nice to just toss wet skis and boots in and go. If you plan on using for skiing, check the length that you need by the longest skis you plan to own.

It's been great for camping as well. I generally put soft items such as sleeping bags, pillows, tents, it. It's also good for dirty things you don't want inside the cab with you.

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