Carburetor to Model Number cross reference

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Feb 14, 2007
I'm trying to source a rebuild kit for the carburetor in the FJ40. From postings on MUD I've been able to figure out that there is a 3 digit code (in my case 9K3) which indicates the build date is November 3, 1969. NAPA is telling me that I need to get them a part number that is something like:

Apparently there should be a tag on the carburetor, but if it was there it has long since gone away.

I have not found the magic decoder ring to get from build date to the part number, even though I opened a box of cracker jack. :) Anyone know where I can find the cross reference?
Ok I have rebuilt three Aisan Carbs, one Keyster kit, one from NAPA, and on kit form CCOT; I think that the NAPA and CCOT kit are the same (CCOT kit is about $45-50 NAPA is about $25). The CCOT kit is way to much, and the NAPA and CCOT kit don't come with enough parts, the keyster kit is the one you want. You can get the keyster kit from Cruiser Outfitters or from E-bay, either way stay with this kit. You will get both jets (pri&sec) as well as the idle jets and a much better rubber accelerator pump instead of the leather pump. Both the NAPA and CCOT kit come with directions and a float adjustment kit; the keyster kit does not come with either but a good FSM or other wise shop book will tell you what to look for.

Good Luck!

Corey :grinpimp:

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