Carb vacuum routing question

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Sep 9, 2019
Arlington, VA
I know this has been asked several times on the forum but I’m still uncertain on the routing so I wanted to double check. The mess of vacuum lines and lack of a color diagram has me questioning if I’ve got these hoses routed correctly

The 4 lines on the passenger side of the carb rout to 4 hard lines (this a fully smogged truck btw). In looking at the component layout and schematic drawing the hoses are shown vertically. Do they install vertically in that order on the hard lines?
This drawing

The metal vacuum piping spaghetti will have 4 pipes that line up with the 4 hoses shown aligned in that drawing. If you connect 4 pigtail vacuum hoses to the pipes on the carb and align them as shown in the drawing through the clamp - they’ll line right up with the spaghetti pipes

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