Camshaft /timing Marks

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Sep 15, 2008
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So I followed the FSM, I think: 93 Cruiser

1) Lined up crank pulley with 0 - TDC
2) One dot on the intake cam is facing two dots on the exhaust cam.
3) The service bolt hole on the exhaust cam is at the 12 o clock position
4) The timing chain sprocket slides on the intake cam with the pin at the 12 o clock position.

I turned the motor over by hand and all is good.

When I try and start the truck is sounds like it has no compression.

What did I do wrong?

Is it supposed to be two dots to two dots and one dot to one dot?
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I don't recall the dot arrangement, but neither cam should be pushing on the lifters of #1 cyl. at TDC.
One dot aligns with one dot, two dots align with two dots. You got the exhaust cam in wrong. Need to read the book better.
Alright thanks. I was confused because the book said "two dots", with two lines to the exhaust cam, but only one line to the intake cam which made me think that there should be one dot on the intake cam.
Yep - 2 dots to 2 dots. Also, note that the timing gear can be put on with the pin in a notch slightly off the correct notch/location. Be sure you've got it in the correct spot.


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