cable shifters - for transfercase (need input)

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Aug 11, 2005
Sunny South
I was wondering if anyone has done this? i'm even more interested in where i could source parts for it , ie- cables/fittings/brackets .. i'm think mccmaster-carr might have some? or what have you all done..i've heard of tv cable shifters? i don't really know, i can't seem to find any info on the net on my searches

i also sorta remember someone using air operated shifters to shift the t-case

this is an sm465-3spd case... i have a new floor which is super low and a tight fitting transmission hump if you wondering why i would go this route
I'm interested in this, too. The only TV cables that I know of are on 700R4's.

This might help (or at least it will bump your thread):

Porsche 914 cableshifter DIY

McMaster-Carr - PN: 3125K94

I like the idea of using a pull cable on both sides of something instead of trying to push with a cable or relying on a return spring. Reminds me of a George Burns quote about a certain activity at the age of 90 was like trying to shoot pool with a rope...
Doesn't Lokar make something that would work? How about the OEM vacuum shift if'n you don't want to cut the floorboard? I mean, it has been done before, by Toyota, with the 3-speed transfer:rolleyes:

Why the mystery?:D

Any boat throttle cables cloe to what you need? Kinda like the Downey cable conversion for the lockers.
california cable can make any cable you need. They have some really nice stuff and it is not overly expensive..

Someone did a write up on this topic a year or two ago. I have looked for it a few times, but cannot find it. I too am in need of a solution for shifting the t-case from high to low, after a sbc swap.
Any boat throttle cables cloe to what you need? Kinda like the Downey cable conversion for the lockers.

i'll check sailor's exchange tomorrow... the thought had come across my mind, it would be similiar to your "downey" front selectable locker mechanism...

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