Broken front diff support bolt

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Jul 10, 2020
Alexandria VA
Been searching but I guess I’m the only idiot to do it!

Another lesson that I should have took my time…I don’t expect anything less than a difficult solution to the problem but… while rushing to install diff drop I torqued on the front diff support bolt too much. Snapped the bolt off.

Called a good machine shop and they said diff needs to be removed so they can extract cleanly. But they don’t have facilities to remove diff for the extraction. He said most mechanics will botch the extraction.

I don’t want to try myself. I’ve fckd up extracting smaller bolts. I guess I’ll tow it to a good shop that can remove diff and has confidence to extract. Seems like my only option. The machine shops I contacted seem to want the part to be on their table to do the extraction.

Don’t know if I’m asking for a solution from y’all. (UNLESS THERE ARE GOOD SUGGESTIONS!) I guess I’m just venting! I’ll get that bolt out somehow!


Drill it out, retap hole. Should be able to slide drill bit or extractor through the hole in the bushing.
This exact thing happened to me. I was lucky though in that mine busted like "/" vs your "_". I don't have any advice since yours broke the way it did, but on mine I put the busted bolt end back in with my 1\2" breaker bar with a socket attached and used my floor jack and raised it until I was lifting the front end slightly. I then slowly backed it out after repeating the lowering/raising the jack while moving the breaker bar back around. Crazy lucky.

Good luck in your endeavor.
Man, that is awesome! I wish I was there to see that! Bolt extractions are so gratifying.

I came up with a game plan from a Facebook group.

Take off diff cover for easy access to the broken bolt in the frame. Weld a nut to the bolt. If that comes out clean and the nut in the frame is in good shape I’m going to go ahead and replace my front diff bushing while I’m there.

Pray for me! 😂
In my opinion it is almost easier to drop the diff than it is to remove the cover.

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