Broken bolts & studs

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Dec 4, 2005
A broken bolt made a routine thermostat change into a nightmare. (solved my fast idle problem however)
I am extremely leery about doing the front bearings now.
Has anyone had broken bolts or studs while replacing bearings in the front? Which ones? Would appreciate any pointers in this area.
Hope you changed all the bolts on the Tstat. Those bolts corrode quickly because of their exposure to moisture.

Wheel bearing?. You'll need a brass drift or the like to remove the cone washers (pound the studs inward to pop out the cones), and snap ring pliers. Don't over grease the locking hub mechanism on re-assembly. Just get everything in the right order and you'll be ok.

Nope, Never broke any bolts on the ft wheel bearings/knuckle rebuild.
You should be OK, but when in doubt, user some penetrating oil and let it sit overnight.
One of my students in the shop class busted one of the smaller bolts on the split steel ring that retains the felt washer when we did the disc conversion on the FJ45LV. I think he didn't realize how easy it was to break bolts! I'd just say that it you take it easy on the smaller ones you'll have no problems.
Get yourself the big socket for the locknut on the spindle. 54mm if my memory is right.
running a tap is definitely a good idea.
There's nothing better than drilling and using removal tool.
From next time, I want to suggest using of anti-seize compound to all 4 t-stat bolt.

Oh, Min Seok
I broke one when I did my thermastat awhile back. Lucky for me it broke high enough that I could get some vise grips on it.

I am going to have to tackle the front end rebuild soon, its next on my list of to do's. It is rather bad, but havent checked my levels in the diff or birf area (forget what thats called.) Where the grease is supposed to be.
Get a couple Rigid easy-outs from Snap-On. They come in 1/8, 3/16, & 1/4" drill sizes. You drill the stud/bolt, pound in a splined shaft, & slip a hex collar over the shaft & turn with a wrench. The best solution for broken studs/bolts.
Tries that and alot more. Ended up buying a used lower T-Stat body and replaced the one with the frozen/rusted "plug" that used to be a bolt, trying to cut my losses. I replaced ALL the bolts for the entire assembly with new ones.

I think I will keep my old car until I do the bearings, just in case....

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