Bridgestone Dueler Revo 275/75/16


Nov 15, 2007
Los Angeles

Ok guys, I just got some new tires and want to give the mud family first dibs. I dont know how many miles are on the tires, but they're in decent shape. Guy at the tire shop told me they have at least 50%, but likely 60%-70%. One tire (passenger side rear, in pics) shows more wear than the other 3 due to a bad tie rod end I fixed, but you can notice the wear if you look at em side by side. Just want to make sure everyone knows about that. Tires are no longer on the truck fyi.

Other than that the tires are in great shape and I have been extremely happy with them. My parents run the Revo's on their trucks and have nothing but praise for them and their handling in poor conditions. They look sharp too which is always a plus :D

I will allow you to ship them if you'd like, but I wont coordinate it, so just make arrangements and tell me when they're coming to pick em up. (DHL is the cheapest I found)

Ok, pics....

Passenger Side Rear (Top); Passenger Side Front (Bottom)
Bridgestone Revo 275's 012 PSR copy.jpg
Bridgestone Revo 275's 013 PSF copy.jpg
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Dec 27, 2006
The Land of Frank Rizzo
You may want to take a picture with a penny/nickle/quarter in the tread groove in order to give the perspective buyer an idea of what is actually there.

$250 for 4 Revos seems like a pretty good deal.

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